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Warmley Jazz Club


20 Deanery Road
Bristol BS15 9JB

£4 on the door


A Warmley Jazz Club Star Feature Evening - September 15th 2010

amy roberts

Aunt Tilley's Shouters featuring Amy Roberts

A familiar discussion amongst jazz enthusiasts concerns the apparent lack of young musicians taking up our music, so all the jazz musicians who visited the '51 Jazz Club of Cornwall' over the last seven or eight years were delighted to meet and hear Amy Roberts. Barely into her teens, she would regularly 'sit in' with visiting bands who realised after a couple of choruses what a talent this young reeds player was. Now just in to her twenties Amy is a familiar face and welcome addition to the British National Jazz Awards 'Rising Star' category.


At Warmley Jazz we are honoured and delighted to welcome Amy and Aunt Tilley's Shouters for a gig on Wedesday September 15th. The band played recently at John Allen's Bishop Sutton venue with a line up including Geoff Nichols, John Beecham and Dave Collett. Both the band and audience were thrilled with her musical contribution, showing herself capable of playing in hot bluesy, swinging and thoughtful imaginative and sensitive moods.


Don't miss a rare opportunity to enjoy this band on the Bristol circuit.







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