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Warmley Jazz Club


20 Deanery Road
Bristol BS15 9JB

£4 on the door



16 December 2015, Cass Caswell returned with an amazing line up for his Storyville Strutters. The first outing for this incredible band played to a jammed packed Warmley audience who delighted in soulful blues and lightning paced numbers diplaying the prowess of their fantastic drummer Baby Jools and vocals of Sinead McCabe. With 5 more talented musicians playing at the top of their game the resultant sound made a really special evening.

Vocalist Sinead McCabe and Band Leader Cass Casswell Vocalist Sinead McCabe and Band Leader Cass Casswell

Ceri Williams [Trumpet]. Terry Williams [Trombone], Andy Leggett [Clarinet/Sax], Sinead McCabe [Vocals],
Keith Hall [Banjo/Guitar], Cass Caswell [Double Bass] ,Baby Jools [Drums]


18 November 2015, Cass Caswell presents the Golden Decades of Jazz featuring the amazing voice of Sinead McCabe. A fabulous presentation of Jazz through the decades with soulful blues upbeat numbers and a particular favourite of mine, Sinead singing 'The House of Rising Sun'. Originally recorded as 'Rising Sun Blues' in 1933 but more famously by Eric Burden and The Animals in 1964. Cass and Sinead are back at Warmley on the 16th December with his Storyville Strutters Band.


Vocalist Sinead McCabe and Band Leader Cass Casswell

John Martin [Shiny New Nord Keyboard!], Cass Caswell [Bass], Eddie Johns [Drums], Sinead McCabe [Vocals]


8th January 2014, A great start for Warmley with the appearance of Andy Leggett with Tom Whittingham's Wonderland Band for our first meet of the New Year. Andy is back from a 17 year sojourn in Germany playing with the Rod Mason Band. We're pleased to welcome him back to the West Country and honoured to have him playing at our club


Tom Whittinghams Wonderland Band

Andy Leggett playing reeds with Tom Whittingham’s Wonderland Band


29th May 2013 - The 3rd visit by the fantastic Manhattan Orchestra with Catherine Sykes on vocals. A packed club welcomed the band back and were treated to a brilliant performance.


Vocalist Catherine Sykes and Band Leader Vince Ford

Manhattan Orchestra Front Row

The Warmley Jazz Club Audience

Band Leader Vince Ford with Catherine Sykes, Saxophone section, the Front Row, Warmley Jazz Audience


28th November 2012 - A warm welcome to the return of The Panama Jazz Band playing a great set and packed out the Warmley Community Centre.


The Panama Jazz Band

From left to right: Keith Tolley, John Coad, Peter, Alan Hogg, Tom Doughty, Clive Johnson


18th July 2012 - For the first time at Warmley a warm welcome was extended to the Paul Buck Trio with special guest Jane Christy on vocals. The bass player seems to have gone missing on this photo, and I can't find a record of who was playing. Let us know and we'll fix.


paul buck trio with Jane Christy on vocals

From left to right: Paul Buck - Keyboards, Jane Christy - vocals and Eddy Johns - Drums


9th May 2012 - Ray Bush visiting from California had arranged with Reg to come back to Warmley so a fantastic line up was put together and played to a jam packed audience. Playing the music of Duke Ellingon interpersed with brilliant solos by the band plus blues harmonica duos by Ray and Dave. A rare evening to be remembered.


keith box and friends

From left to right: Dave Collett, David Konig, Kevin O’Rourke, Ray Bush, Roger Bonsall, Geoff Nicholls, Terry Williams

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28th March 2012 - A very warm welcome was given to The Panama Jazz Band who not only played a superb set but looked pretty smart too in their waistcoats


keith box and friends
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29th February 2012 saw the return of Dave Martin's Jabbo Five playing a range of Jabbo's music and other classics. The line-up of cornet, clarinet/saxophone, banjo, piano and tuba created an exciting, lively and uncluttered interpretation of the music of Jabbo Smith and his Rhythm Aces. We look forward to seeing them again soon.


keith box and friends
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17th August 2011 - Cas Caswell [bass] made a return visit with a three piece; John Martin on keyboards, Eddie Johns [taking time out from the Bluenotes] on drums. Cas and Reg Quantrill, our musical organiser, had managed to persuade Maggie Reeday to make the trip from Exeter for which we are all very grateful. A fabulous two sets of smooth vocals, superb musicianship and trad and contemporary numbers welded band and audience together to create an infused atmosphere of engaged performance and jazz. A great memory and we are all looking forward to the next time.


keith box and friends
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19th May 2011 saw the club extend very warm welcome to Keith Box one of the West's finest clarinet players. Keith set up the original Jazz Club that operated from the Station Master pub in Warmley, now a very good Indian Restaurant. So it was great to see Keith and friends playing again at Warmley, as he commented during the break 'its like playing at home'

In the original line up John 'the Bear' Massey played bass but had now taken up banjo as well as viola. Last nights line up was Keith Box - Clarinet, John Massey - Banjo, Dave Kingston - cornet, David Gray - bass, John Beecham - trombone and Pete Winterhart - drums.


keith box and friends

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After many months of working to fit the schedules of 5 busy musicians Reg finally secured another first in the Bristol area for the fabulous Christine Tyrell and accompanying muscians the Yacht Club Band to appear at Warmley in April.


Christine was born in Jamaica, a leading church singer and with an interest in jazz. Performing in "New Orleans Mardi Gras" and a regular featured vocalist with Phil Mason's All-Stars. Her distinctive interpretations of blues, spirituals and gospels was well received at Warmley's packed club room.


The Yacht Club Band featured Linda Robins - Tuba, Keith Robins - Clarinet, Tony Karavis - Trumpet and Dave Cummings - Banjo


christine tyrell_1

christine tyrell_2

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A bit of a coup for Warmley when Reg managed to arrange for Amy Roberts, amazing young reeds player and winner of the British National Jazz Awards 'Rising Star' category, to play alongside Aunt Tilleys Shouters. The line up of Roger Bonsall-banjo; Dave Collett-piano; Geoff Nicholls-trumpet; Mike Ducker-bass; John Beecham-trombone and Kevin O'Rourke-drums with Amy produced a stomping evening of great numbers.

amy roberts rising jazz star

amy roberts backing band

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August brought a special treat as Bob Wade, an old friend of Reg's, who now lives in South Africa was in Europe on his Classic Masters Jazz Tour and decided come over to the UK from his last gig in Poland to drop in and visit some old mates. Reg put a band together and a packed Warmley Jazz Club audience were treated to Bob's superb trumpet style backed by a top line band.

bob wade in poland
Classic Jazz Masters are runners up at the Zlotatarka Jazz Festival competition in Ilawa Poland

bob wade trumpet

June 30 2010 saw the second performance of the Manattan Orchestra featuring Catherine Sykes. An absolutely fabulous performance played to a packed club room. Around a hundred members and guests bought tickets for this special event and were treated to superb upbeat Basie renditions and you could hear a pin drop during the beautiful soulful blues sung by Catherine. Watch the video.

manhattan jazz orchestra

catherine sykes at warmley jazz club

June 2010: for the first time at Warmley we were delighted to welcome the Steve Graham Band with Des Bacon on reeds; Steve Graham trumpet; Tom Whittingham trombone; Justina Verinder bass and Mike Cox (hiding behind Des) on banjo. A very lively set of trad mixed with some latin tempo and soulful blues - superb we hope they will visit us again.

steve graham band

April 2010: Henry’s Hot Six play a very lively set at the Warmley club room. Henry’s massive bass sax can be seen hogging the centre of the photo

henry's hot six

January 2010 Alice's Wonderland Band played an excellent set to launch Warmley Jazz into the new decade. An enjoyable variety of trad and blues sprinkled with some well known songs sung by Keith Hall and Clive Whittingham. Plus of course a couple of very lively numbers featuring Tom using all 8 fingers and thumbs on the washboard. This 5 piece band featured Clive Whittingham - trumpet; Tom Whittingham - trombone and washboard; Keith Hall - banjo; John 'The Bear' Massey - bass and Des Bacon - clarinet and saxaphone.

wonderland band
Clockwise from left - Keith Hall, John Massey, Des Bacon, Clive and Tom Whittingham

wonderland band_2

Tom stretching those fingers and thimbles on the washboard

tom and clive whittingham

Tom (left) and Clive Whittingham with John Massey in the background

May 27 we welcomed back Cas Caswells combo with Cas on bass, John Martin - keyboards, Ian Bateman - trumpet/reeds, Kevin O'Rourke drums, and, as a special treat Cas was joined by brilliant female jazz singer Joy Parke. Joy, a Northamption lass from a long line of family singers and musicians, sings a wide variety of jazz, blues and gospel. Together with Cas's band playing in top form Warmley's members enjoyed and evening of jazz to remember. Click here to watch some video extracts.

joy parke and cas caswell
Above - From left John Martin, Joy Parke, Cas Caswell, Alan Bateman, Kevin O'Rourke


15th April saw the return of Ray Bush from California, Ray, who comes across from the States once or twice a year made his second appearance at Warmley Jazz. Guesting with musicians Frank Woodford - Drums, Geoff Weldrake - Bass, Dave Collett - Piano, Paul Munnery - Trombone and Geoff Nicholls - Trumpet. Together they put on a superb evening of great jazz finishing with a ripping version of 'Drop Down Mama' with Ray and Dave duetting on harmonica - Wonderful!!

ray bush from california with geoff nicholls and paul munnery
Above - From left Ray Bush, Geoff Nicholls and Paul Munnery. Below - Dave Collett,
Frank Woodford and Geoff Weldrake
dave collett, frank woodford, geoff weldrake


On wednesday 17th December a special ticket only evening saw the welcome return of Henry's Bootblacks who played at Warmley back in the summer. A 10 piece, recreating the hot jazz of the 20's as played by such as King Oliver, Fletcher Henderson and Duke Ellington, with the hundred or so who came to listen was a bit of tight squeeze but a great atmosphere and fabulous music.

warmley jazz club audience Henrys Bootblack 10 piece jazz orchestra

Henry's Bootblacks at Warmley Jazz Club Room


Here are some pictures taken during one of our special evenings on the 25th June. Reg put together a band featuring Dave Collett - Piano, Frank Woodford - drums, Geoff Nicholls - trumpet, Paul Munnery - trombone, Geoff Weldrake - bass and with a special guest appearance of Acker Bilk on clarinet.

warmley jazz club members enjoying themselves

Club evening at Warmley Jazz Club

acker bilk-clarinet, geoff nicholss trumpet, paul munnery-trombone

Front line Acker Bilk-clarinet, Geoff Nichols-trumpet, Paul Munnery-trombone

dave collett-piano, tbc-drums, geoff weldrake-bass

Back row Dave Collett-piano, Frank Woodford-drums, Geoff Weldrake-bass

warmley jazz club room at the warmley community centre

Warmely Jazz Club room at the Warmley Community Centre


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